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Let's Use those Dental Insurance Benefits before Dec 31st, 2019!!

Check out our End of Year Insurance flyer being distributed to the Gulf Coast!

All you need is Love.  And a Good Dentist.

Our End of Year 2019 Insurance Flyer!

This is the front of our End of the Year Insurance  flyer being mailed and distributed from Dentremont Dental Services.


The advent of Dental Insurance has meant that many people who previously couldn't afford quality dental services now have that ability.  Major dental needs like dentures or crowns can now be provided to you at substantial savings over the retail cost.


Unfortunately, many people leave much if not all of those benefits on the table by not visiting their dentist and utilitizing their earned benefits before the end of the year.


Dental insurance is kind of like Airlines Rewards Points... they disappear at the end of the year.  Yes, you can lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars of hard-earned free dental benefits if you don't visit your dentist before December 31st!


Dr. Frank Dentremont believes that good dentistry is best accomplished when the patient forms a relationship of trust and care between them.  He believes that successful dentistry as a healthcare science depends on the patient-provider relationship.


Dr. Dee wants you to see the dentist you feel most comfortable with, so that you can get the most of your relationship with your dentist and get your best dental care.  It certainly doens't have to be Dr. Dee if you prefer the services of another dental provider.


Of Course, we'd love to welcome you to our practice and become part of our dental family.  Healthcare science now recommends that you find providers of all the important facets of healthcare and find a "home" with them.


Dr. Frank Dentremont has been working in and around the Gulf Coast since 2003.  Before that he was a practicing dentist in Northern Maine where he located after graduating from Tufts Dental School in 1980.


If you want to see a good dentist... if you want to meet a dentist committed to his patients and one who has treated literally tens of thousands of patients like yourself, then you've found the right dental office.


Welcome to your new Dental Home! Give us a Call!

Here are our End-Of-Year 2019ental promotions


As 2019 rolls to the holidays and the end of the year, we're marking the occasion by offering some great  promotions! 


First, however, I wanted to give you an informed discussion about promotions available to cash or insured patients.


Due to insurance regulations dental offices are forbidden to give discounted promotional fees to patients who are covered under an insurance plan. 


The working theory is that the insurance companies are contractually obligated to the covered patient through their employer to charge a contractual fee.  If you give an insured patient a discount on their fee then you are essentially "defrauding" the insurance company of their contracted profit.


So in summary, we're not allowed to actually give an insured patient a discount on fees.  We CAN tell you that over the past 40 nce we've opened in Gulf Shores we've become providers of practically every dental insurance plan available to the local Gulf Coast community.


Insofar as introducing ourselves  to CASH patients, we are offering the following great promotions:


Children 1 to age 13: $39 or a cleaning, exam, and x-Rays.


Tweens Ages 14 to 19: $49 fr the same.


Adults 20 and over: $8 for ditto.


More importantly, we are offering 10 - read that TEN CENT- off from our usual customary dental fees (the so-called "UCR") for any services rendered before December 31st!!


We think that these are a great way to welcome you to our practice and to have you "kicking the tires" to our office.  Even our "regulars" can get a promo discount during this event!


I've been a dentist for a long time and have the experience to service your dental needs.  You won't have to guess if you made the right choice.  You've found Dr. D... now let's get that beautiful smile back!


Limitations:  Ahhh... that proverbial "fine print"! See our Promotions Page for limitations, exclusions, and other offers.  There's one which we don't advertise ANYWHERE except on our website! You have to ask for it to be applied! Can you find it? (Did you ever play "Where's Waldo????)

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