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 November 2020 Promotions! 

Below is posted our new November 2020 Anniversary flyer for the fall of 2020! With the unprecdented occurence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we decided to just say the heck with 2020 and give you a little gift:  A 2021 Calendar so you can look forward to being on the other side of this thing! 

Be Prudent.

Be Safe and Healthy.





It's 2020 - it's a new decade, but as we know it hasn't started out on a great note!  With Covid-19 and now Hurricane Sally we all need to move on to 2021!  Let's work on that smile!  We have SEVERAL promotions at Dentremont Dental to help you.  We are calling this our SallyTime Promotion!

Check out our 2021 Calendar FLYER being distributed to the Gulf Coast!

An "October" Tune for you! 

All you need is Love.  And a Good Dentist.

      Our Fall 2020 Promotions Flyer!

This is the front and back of our FALL 2020 Flyer being mailed and distributed from Dentremont Dental Services.  Dr "Dee" has literally YEARS of experience treating patients of all ages!


Dr. Frank Dentremont has been working in and around the Gulf Coast since 2003 when he moved down from Maine and began working in a group practice in Foley.


Dr. Dentremont understands that during late summer and early fall in Paradise our Gulf Coast experiences the "migration" of our Snowbird  friends from and to the Northern States who come to  enjoy an escape from the harsh winter snows and winds and seek aslyum with the more temperate Gulf Coast weather.  Dr. Dee loves remembering his younger days up North in Maine! (See his family pic below)


We welcome our locals (and Snowbirds who desire dental services while down here), and offering a 10% discount on ALL dental services and an $96 special for new NON-Insured  patients until December  31st!


For our long term annual vacationers we'll keep the records of your visits here in a seasonal folder and will have your paperwork handy next year on your return!


Welcome to your new Dental Home! Give us a Call!

A further word for our locals about our Fall 2020 Promotion flyer!


The hot days of summer are ever-so-slowly moving behind us.  I don't have to tell you about the struggles each and every one of us has faced this year due to this unprecedented Covid Pandemic and most recently Hurricane Sally!

I've decided to change up our normal Promotions Flyer in favor of sending along a 2021 Calendar so that you can dream about a future time when this is all behind us.


 Additionally, If you've struggled in the past to maintain your oral health or to regain your smile then give us a call at 251-943-0004.


What better way to start off this new decade than to actually make your dental health part of your future 2021 New Years Resolutions and use our Fall 2020 Promo to your benefit!


We can make that happen!


Soon, everyone along the gulf coast will be settling back from this crazy summer and reveling in the holiday events happening here this fall in Paradise!


The time is NOW to make your own dental health a priority and get in to see us!


Remember: If you have dental insurance, your annual benefits have been renewed for 2020 and expire on December 31st!  You've got all those $$$Benjamins$$$ you've worked hard for just dedicated to restoring your teeth to good health!  Don't let $$$them$$$ go to waste!


Make it a commitment to update your smile!


  To give you a gentle boost, we're offering a fantastic 10% promotion.


That's right - cash patients can receive 10% off from their bill forALL services rendered until December 31st! 


Additionally, we are offering an $96 promotion until December 31st which includes an examination, bite wing X-rays, and a professional dental cleaning.  This price is extended to all our non-insured patients new and old!



In the past 4 years Dr. Dentremont has welcomed hundreds of new patients to his spacious facility along the Gulf Coast.  We would love the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

We think that these are a great way to welcome you to our practice and to have you "kicking the tires" to our office.  Even our "regulars" can get a promo discount during this event!


Dr. Dentremont has been a dentist for a long time and has the experience to service your dental needs as you need them.  To put it simply, we know what we're doing.  You won't have to guess if you made the right choice.  You've found Dr. D... now let's get that beautiful smile back!


Limitations:  Ahhh... that proverbial "fine print"! See our Promotions Page for limitations, exclusions, and other offers.  There's one which we don't advertise ANYWHERE except on our website! You have to ask for it to be applied! Can you find it? (Did you ever play "Where's Waldo????)


Dr. "Dee" with his dad snowmobiling in 2007

The DDS Team 2020: Cassie, Kim, Gwen, Dr. "Dee"

Welcome to your new dental Home!

Give us a call!!!       251-943-0004