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In-Office Promotions


WE'RE the "New Kids on the Block"... no, not THEM... this is a dental practice years in the making, yet just recently opened here in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We have over 30 years of experience, but unless you come into the office and meet us, talk to us, get to know us, you'll never know what you're missing! lol! Below are a few In-Office Specials which we are promoting to encourage you to come by and meet us.  We know lots of you may be out there "tire-kicking"... that's ok.  We ALL do that.  But here, we hope you'll stop by and discover that we really DO care about your dental health and really ARE concerned for your dental - and whole - wellbeing.  So below, check out our introductory specials and some of our long term perks. - Dr. Dee  

Our "Drive On Us" Promotion - Ongoing
                   *** WEB-ONLY***


One of the biggest concerns potential (and existing) patients have is the drive to the office.  Unfortunately, Dentistry is still a profession that can't be done online or that you can send someone to the grocery store for!  I always hear, "Well, I miss you Dr. Dee but I can't afford the long trip to your office from Mobile!"


So here's my answer to that proverbial problem: our "Drive On Us" Promotion!


Here's how it works: Come on in and fill out your paperwork, giving us your residential address.  We'll do a "Mapquest" and see how far it is to your residence, and give you a $0.20 credit per mile on your account!


Simple as that!!! Drive 50 Miles to see us, and get $10 off your dental bill!  The Math is simple!!


OK, so there are some "Limitations" (Aren't there always?).  We LOVE our patients, and I know our patients LOVE US!!! But... we can't pay for your airfare down from Bangor, Maine (Where Dr. Dee once worked)!  So, here are the Limitations:


1) Mileage is determined ROUND TRIP (coming and going to our office) from your residence (your local address in our files).


2) A Maximum of $40 will be credited to your account (that's 200 miles of driving!)


3) A Minimum of $1.00 will be credited to your account (that just keeps it simple), so you have to be over 5 miles from our office to qualify for this special.


4) We will ROUND UP the credit to the nearest dollar (we just don't like keeping nickels and dimes on our books!)  If your credit is $3.80 for example, we will round it up to $4.00.


5) If you drive here and no services are performed, or you qualify for one of our other specials which is less than the gas rebate, then we won't issue refunds or credit your account beyond a zero balance.  In other words, if you owe us nothing we can't give you something in return.  For example, if you come in for our $29 Emergency Exam special, and you drove 100 miles, we'll credit you the $29.00 to zero out your bill.  That's fair and simple.


6) We currently have no plans to end this promotion, but we reserve the right to cancel or modify this promotion at our discretion.  Patients with confirmed appointments at the time this promotion alters or ends will be guaranteed the promotional credit towards their account.


7) This is a WEB ONLY promotion... we don't advertise this promotion. Now aren't you glad you peeked at our website????? Being a reader has its perks!!


8) YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR IT!... You smarty-pants patients who actually read this column will appreciate that we get busy and if you don't ask for the Drive-On-Us Promotion we often just forget to offer it. So please, just mention it to the Receptionist and we'll gladly apply it to your account.


We believe this is a great way to allow you to come to our office and not worry about how much gas it's gonna cost you.  One less headache to worry about.  It's that simple.


So come on! What's keeping you? Coffee's on!

($59.00) Emergency Exam
--Expires May 1st, 2020!


Ok, so the gal here has an obvious tooth ache! Ouch!!


At Dentremont Dental Services, we understand this ALL TOO WELL!  We KNOW that you have a dental emergency, and we want you to look into your purse or wallet for a few Abraham LIncolns!!!


Yes, for the price of a good dinner at the  local restaurant, you can be seen here at DDSPC for your dental emergency!


Call us, or stop by.  We'll attempt to fit you into our schedule and get you diagnosed and treated if possible.


Limitations.  Ok, so here they are:


1) The $59 exam fee is for CASH Patients only!!  Our insurance patients have other perks, so this special is for you hurting folks with hurting wallets only.


2) We cannot guarantee that actual treatment can be performed on you the same day, BUT WE WILL TRY to accomodate you.  Our patient schedule is flexible and can often accomodate emergency time for you, but please realize that the care and concern we have for you is also the same as we provide for our existing patients.  Existing patients with confirmed appointments are always seen first!   That's just our way of taking care of our existing patients and a perk for you if you're already an existing patient!


3) We will examine you and try to accurately diagnose your condition.  We may take necessary X-rays in the course of this exam.  X-rays are NOT a free service, but we will inform you ahead of time of your cost for such a procedure.


4) We will endeavor to get you out of pain at this visit.  If the condition is an infected tooth for example, we will prescribe antibiotics and a pain medication.  These days, we are aware that drug addicts often try to scam dentists into giving them medication.  Narcotic pain medications are given infrequently and with conditions as set forth by the government.  Still, we will do what we can within the paremeters of the law.


5) If time permits and you give your consent, we will provide either a temporary "fix" or a permanent resolution to your condition.  Again, the time for this can vary widely so we have to use our professional discretion on our treatment plan.  Any services provided above and beyond the Emergency exam are subject to professional fees for service.


Those are the limitations in a nutshell.  If we CAN'T fix your problem that day, at least we will have determined the cause of the problem, talked to you about your options, given you some medication or minor treatment to help you out, and will make sure to get you back into the office for further treatment to get you back up and running!


We think this is a "fair and balanced" way to make you happy, our staff happy, and our patients in the office - waiting for services - happy.


So call us! 251-943-0004




Cleaning, Initial Exam, and X-Rays $94
--Expires May 2020!


Call us and set up an appointment for a tooth cleaning, initial exam, and x-rays for only $94!!! That's NO MISPRINT!


You will get the benefit of our experienced dental team for only $89!!! That's an incredible price and one which few dental offices can (or will) match!




1) This is a limited time offer which expires Maybasket Day 2020.  We reserve the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.  SO CALL US TODAY!


2) Patients scheduled for this special will have this price locked into their appointment with Dr. Dentremont, even if this promotion has changed. We guarantee that this price will be available to you if you've booked your appointment for it before May 1st!


3) This promotion is for CASH PATIENTS only! Our insurance patients have their own perks, You'll just have to become a patient of ours to see!


4) We endeavor to perform treatment on the same day if time and space are available.  We can't guarantee that a treatment plan discussed with you at this appointment can be started - or finished - in the same day, but we will try if in the best interest of you, our staff, and our existing, confirmed patients for that day.


5) Any services provided over and above the exam, cleaning, and x-rays are subject to professional fees for services rendered.


So call us today for an appointment with Dr. Frank Dentremont and let us help you create a smile to remember! 

Children Ages 1-13 Cleaning, Exam, Bite-Wing X-rays for $44!!! Children Ages 14-19 ditto for $64!!! Expires May 1st 2020!


We WELCOME Children into our practice! Children have unique dental needs and if you're looking for a new dental "home" for your child then check out our office with this amazing Promotion!


Dr. Dentremont has had literally YEARS of experience in childrens clinics  in Mobile. Montgomery, and in Dothan, and knows how to treat children about as well as any pediatric specialist in the area - we just don't have all the fun playtime toys in the waiting room, so have Johnny or Janey bring something along to keep them occupied!


If you're looking for a "one stop" experience with your family and want a true general dentist who treats children then you need only give us a call!


Limitations: The $44 special promotion is for children ages 1-13.  Children over the age of 13 are considered adults by dental insurance authorities but we are offering a $64 special promotion into the fall. For young adults 19 and over adult dental fees apply.  These "tweens" are eligible for our adult new patient specials which are still significant!


We understand that children react differently than adults in the dental office.  In most cases Dr. Dentremont can successfully treat a child in his chair.  We reserve the right, however, to refuse treatment to any child when their behavior exceeds safe and comfortable levels.  A child who "cuts up" significanly in the chair is a safety risk for the child, the dentist, and the assistant, and in such cases any treatment will be halted and the child referred to a pediatric specialist who can use advanced procedures to restrain and treat a behavior management issue.

Page Revision: Last revised February 29, 2020.

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