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Contact Us!!!

We LOVE to hear from our patients... our existing ones and our future ones (and even our past ones)!!!

You can reach us in several ways:


1) EmailIf you just have a general question and want to send us an email (maybe you're a little bashful on the phone) you can fill out the form below and we'll email you back as soon as possible.  Notice that our "Help Line" is actually our first point of contact at our office: We are truly here to help you. We encourage you to add our Help Line Email addy (Address) in your Contacts field:


2) Call Us.  You can pick up the phone and call our office at 251-943-0004! Novel, right?? lol! During business hours we have someone at the front desk able and willing to help you and after hours this number is forwarded to one of our courteous staff who will respond to your call.  Please be considerate: staff are instructed to let all calls between 9:30 pm and 6:30 am go to voicemail, and will answer them appropriately afterwards.


3) LIVE Website CHAT.  Look at the RED BOX (no, we don't rent videos) to the lower right ==> this is our LIVE CHAT window!  This CHAT BOX is enabled DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS, and a member of our staff will pick up and chat with you (if available).  After hours, or if a staff member is unavailable, you will be prompted to leave us a message and it will roll over to our Help Line email.


4) Facebook Notifications.  You can go to our Facebook Page (by clicking the link here) and leave a "Notification" on our page.  We check our FB page regularly and can respond in kind.



5) FAX US.  Well, let's face it, no one faxes these days for fun...but... if you need to send us a fax for business needs (a dental insurance form, for example), our TOLL FREE Fax line is: 844-208-8385.

Please be sure to attach a Cover Page so we know the Who, What, When, and Where of the fax!


6) Stop By.  If you're in the area please be assured that we would enjoy seeing you in person! Sometimes the Doctor can't get away to speak personally but we will certainly try to make your visit successful!

If you look below you'll find an Interactive Google Map to help you find your way here!


7) PPM?   If you're a Premium Practice Member (PPM) then you have 24 hour access to Dr. Dentremont via his unlisted cell number.  You can call or text him at any time and he will contact you directly (If he isn't with a patient).  What's a PPM? Well, Check out the PPM Page on this website!

Dentremont Dental Services


3501 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Suite 4

(Highway 59)

Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542

Tel: 251-943-0004

Toll Free Fax: 1-844-208-8385

Your details were sent successfully!

Find Us!!!! Use the Google Map below to locate us!

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