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Choosing a dentist Part One- A Game of Craps?

Today, I want to ask you a simple question: how do you choose your dentist?

Suppose you're new to the Gulf Coast... to Baldwin County... to Foley, Alabama. You've been going to the dentist your entire life... or maybe you only go when you have a toothache... or maybe you go periodically, but today that wrachet popped off the bolt and oops... your front tooth just got wacked and is broken!

Where should you go? The dentist is the obvious answer, but which one? Where?

If it's an emergency as in the ol' "Wrachet hits the tooth fracture" scenerio, then by all means you need to be seen right away... you quickly Google the area for a dentist who can fix your tooth. You'll find some nearby, you'll find some too far to travel. You'll find some you can "supposedly" get into see today... some clearly can't (or won't) see you today.

Where should you go? Is it truly a game of Craps? Of throwing the dice? Over the next few weeks let's look at how you should choose a dentist - and get some sage advice from a dentist as to who you should choose.

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