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Our Dental Insurance Coverage Provider Partners


One of our most commonly asked questions is: Do you take my dental insurance? 


The Simple answer is "Yes, we are committed to accepting almost all dental insurances from our patients."


That being said, howver, the true answer to that question really has to do these days in the complexities of the modern healthcare protocols dictated by government rules and regulations.  These rules and regs are carried out for the most part by the insurance companies in affiliation with the American Dental Association (who created the dental procedure codes back in the 70's)) and your participating dentist - us - who work diligently to submit your visit to us in an accurate and timely way.  We won't bore you with HIPPA and OSHA and all that Obamacare "stuff", but there is a fair amount of electronic "paperwork" generated behind the scenes and an extensive amount of credentialing that must occur.


Provider participation with the dental insurance carriers is a lot more these days than just sending in a copy of your diploma from Pattygumpus PolyTech University... never heard of it? It doesn't exist (well, folks up in Medway, Maine might wish it did).  Credentialing helps ensure your healthcare provider is legally and professionally qualified to help you and that the professional fees are directed to a true provider of services.


For the most part of it I'm ok.  I recognize that these days there are quacks and frauds and that the credentialing process helps to protect you (and me) and the insurance companies from potential harm and financial liability.  Hey, it goes with the times! I did get a little edgy when one of them actually requested my high school diploma (say what???  I think it was signed by Abe Lincoln!!)


Below are a list of dental insurance providers that we are  currently participating with.  Some providers allow for different locations to be credentialed in.  I've been in  partnerships with insurance companies for the better part of 30 years, but this location is new so please allow us time to get your dental insurance included on the list.


The list below is in chronological order beginning from today (July 27, 2015) until our latest revision (check at the bottom).


Have a truly wonderful day!!  Dr. Dentremont


Aetna Dental Insurance -

 Dr. Dentremont has been a participant in Aetna for years. Aetna has accepted Dentremont dental services into its network as of November 8, 2015.


Ameritas - September 2015


Ameritas has accepted Dentremont Dental Services into its network as of September 8th, 2015.  Ameritas is a group carrier out of New York which includes Principal Insurance.  If you're employer utilizes Ameritas Dental (or if you are interested in obtaining dental insurance coverage from them) you can access this link to access their website: Ameritas Web Portal.



Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama - August 2015


 Effective August 22nd, 2015 we have been notified that we have been assigned a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama Location ID Number in preparation for Network Participation with BC/BS of Alabama.  As we "ramp up" our insurance participation, it is gratifying to know that BC/BS is among the first to sign us up!


If you do NOT have BC/BS of Alabama insurance and wish to consider enrollment, please see this Link : Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Enrollment.


Cigna Dental


Cigna Dental has accepted Dentremont Dental Services as of September 25th, 2015.  Cigna is one of the major dental insurance carriers in the nation. If you are a employed by a company which uses Cigna Dental - or you are looking into purchasing dental insurance coverage for you or your family - then CLICK HERE to go to their website.



Delta Dental


Delta Dental has credentialed Dr. Dentremont for decades.  Beginning January 11, 2016 Delta has accepted Dr. Dee's company Dentremont Dental Services  as a provider of their servicies, including Delta HMO.  If you are employed by a company which uses Delta Dental then CLICK HERE to go to their website.



Dr. Dentremont has been a participant in MetLife for decades and as of April 1, 2016 we have been notifited that Dentremont Dental Services in Gulf Shores are active participants.







Southland Dental


Southland is a regional dental insurance company which is headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  They are major "players" in dental health insurance along the Gulf Coast.  They have accepted us as Participating Providers as of October 1st, 2015!   If you would like more information about Southland Dental  then CLICK HERE  to access their dental page on their website.   Thank you guys!!

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