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Recent news at Dentremont Dental

Week of June 22nd

Dr. Dentremont June 21st - Father's Day!!!


This past week the painters prepared all the walls and primed the office and got underway!  Our new office is 1800 square feet and (4 times as many walls) and will be plenty spacious for our patients and for us!   They made great progress and am believing that it will be finished by the end of this week.


In the meantime, I've been working behind the scenes doing lots of administrative work.  The new buzzword in business is "ADMIN".  I guess it's like all the other shortcuts we use nowadays, like applications are now just "APPS", and all those gadgets we use are now simply "DEVICES".


For example, a simple thing like prescribing an antibiotic to you doesn't just happen easily anymore.  The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires a practitioner to maintain a current license and a current address on file in Washington, DC.  So.... last week I got  my ADMIN hat on and went online and made the change of my DEA license from my former employer and address to the current one... here at 300 East Laurel!! Yay! It's the little things, right?


Speaking of "little things",  I also got a chance to design a new logo and business card!   This is a "first run" and I've shown it on my Facebook pages.  What??? You haven't seen it?  I'll post a copy of it below for you to take a peek at.   I'm getting responses from friends about it.  What do you think?  I would really enjoy your honest input.  One of my friends suggested it looks a lot like my old business in Orange Beach.  Yes, I plead guilty to that.  I have wanted some continuity of my presence here in Foley with that of my Old Orange Beach practice.... Paradise Smiles Dentistry.


My philosophy has always been that we are the cumulation of what we have experienced in life.  My location in Foley is the logical result of having practiced in various locations throughout Baldwin County over the past 12 years.  I've worked in Foley, Orange Beach, Loxley, Bay Minette, and Fairhope, as well as Mobile (We won't count Montgomery and Dothan).  Foley is centrally located to many of these locations and my former patients can easily find us!


On tap this week are purchases of some needed office equipment and supplies.  I've picked up a new office printer and other office items and some great buys on some waiting room furniture!   I'm hoping to complete my Foley Business license this Friday.  We're waiting on some necessary dental equipment until after the painters have finished and we can clean the office from top to bottom.  Also on tap for Friday is to begin the ADMIN work of getting credentialed with the insurance companies so that you can be assured that our services will be covered by your insurance company!


Hey, did you know that in conjunction with this website we have a MOBILE website?? You can use your QR reader on your cell phone to scan the QR code below and find it on your Cell.  Remember though, we're still under construction and so only our news page is up and running!


Also, we now have our Help Line up and running!!! Yes, you can email the front office directly and get an email answer from our staff!  The email address is:


Have a great week, and remember to put our website on your toolbar!


Week of June 15th

Dr. Dentremont June 14th - Flag Day!


This past week we had a chance to begin to make the old doctor's office a little more like our own!

We were able to get a consensus from friends about colors for the walls of the office.  We'll be painting during the week of June 15th and should be done by week's end.  I think you'll find the colors warming and comfortable.  Until then we're staying out of the office! lol!


Last Thursday we got CenturyLink to install our Internet and phone line.  This will be a "land line" for us to finally connect to the "outside" world! lol!  We are's the "little" things! hahaha!  Our new phone number is 251-943-0004 ! Forget James Bond and 007!  We're almost the first Foley number on the telex! 


The internet connection will enable us to hook up our VoiP lines in the near future.  We will be having two public lines as well as a fax line for the office.  For now, I'll be hooking up a simple phone with an answering machine while I work on getting a cellular connection to the office.


That's right! We will be offering a PRIVATE cellular line for our Premium Practice Members! Oh, did I forget to mention that? Dr. Dentremont will be offering Premium Practice Memberships to our patients which will allow you to access his private cell - and him - 24/7!  Ever get frustrated when you can't reach your dentist on the nights or weekends?? If you're a Premium Practice Member, you have that private number!  Our Membership program is still in development, but you'll have great discounts to our dental services as a Premium Practice Member, and Dr. Dentremont has promised it will be very affordable!   More to come as we roll out our new features.


During the previous week we were able to get our Occupational License from Baldwin County, and make headway towards getting a Business License in the city of Foley.  Everyone in the Foley city government has been bending over backwards with their southern hospitality to help us get through the necessary red tape to opening our doors.  A permit here, a form there, and always a happy smile to let us know we're welcome to the future growth of Foley and our business!


This next week will be a quiet one as Dr. Dentremont will be away at work the entire week (the lights don't come on by themselves! you understand).  The painters will be painting the entire office and the dental equipment representative is gathering up the rest of the necessary equipment to make this office happen!!  Until then, put our website on your toolbar and keep up with our exciting progress!!


Have a great week!!


Week of June 8th

Dr. Dentremont June 7th


On tap this week is the development of our communications network.  I have a local IT fella Matthew from Mobile going through my existing Dell Server and updating and upgrading it.  We're looking to get it in good working order while we build our clientelle.


Matt has recommended a local Telecom company to review my internet and phone options. Foley is rather unique in that it has some "grandfathered" communications agreements thus preventing a bundling of Cable, Internet, and Phone service as is common in other communities.  Thus it's a little "trickier" to set up our communications services like in other communities.


We are believing that my existing Cisco VOIP phone system can be utilized, thus saving me thousands of $$$ in setting up our business.  VOIP has advanced options for communication making it easier - and more economical - for staying in touch with our patients!  We should know by the end of the week where we stand with this situation.


At that point, we'll finally have a phone number! We can then order banners, cards, direct mail, etc. and begin to get a direct connection with the community.  Until then, we exist only here on the internet!


Have a great week!!


Week of June 1st

Dr. Dentremont May 31st


This week we finally firm up our lease with our office space.  The security deposit and finalized lease have left our office for the landlord and we will be officially located at 300 East Laurel Avenue, Foley!


We are catching a "breather" from yesterday, when we celebrated the arrival of two operatories of dental equipment which left their previous home in working order! After we get them hooked up to the necessary equipment they'll be able to service us while we build our business.  We also got a great purchase price on a gently used digital  panorex x-ray machine, so it got delivered as well.  This is really a blessing in that we won't have to start the business with an older analog form of x-rays (film and chemicals and such).  This will save us a lot in the long run.


Later in the week - after we sign our lease - we'll begin to move some smaller items into the office.  We are also working with the landlord on a newer paint for the office walls.  We've been to the hardware store and picked out our paint samples for the landlord.  Painting should occur in a couple weeks.  The existing color is baby blue thoughout... not a bad color, just a little dated, and not in line with my color scheme (which is just in my head at this point).


Have a great week!


Week of May 25th

Dr. Dentremont May 24th


This week I'm happy to announce that we have begun work on our website!!! As you can imagine, it's all very new and so for awhile we'll have the "under construction" sign posted.  I'll be able to keep you up to date on news of the project as we progress.


For convenience, and from discussion with colleagues and friends, it was decided to go with for our webservice needs.  It's easy to start and easy to integrate web services as we proceed.


We decided on a domain name:!!! it's easier than trying to type in the entire company name and will be easy to navigate once we're up and running.  As you're reading this page you can see it's working just fine!!


We worked in conjunction with Google to host our email site.  From now on, you will be able to email me at  Later on as we get established we'll offer a general information email to communicate with the front office of our practice.  In the meantime, if you have a specific need to reach me, feel free to use this email addy... it's up and running on my PC and my Cell phone!


I have to keep remembering:  Rome wasn't built in a day! As much as I'd love to open my doors tomorrow, there's a world of baby steps to getting our doors open.  I keep my focus on getting the doors open so we can provide you with some fantastic dentistry!  Patience!!!! It's happening!!!!  Yay!!


Have a great week!

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