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Diving the "Christ of the Abyss"

Watching the sinking of the "LuLu"

Our 2020 Team: Cassie, Kim, Gwen, Dr. "Dee"

Meet Our Staff

What makes a good staff member? What qualities present themselves that would want you to speak and interact with them, and more important, earn your trust and respect?


While there's no single answer to this question, I think we can all agree that when you enter a healthcare setting - or any business for that matter - you want - no you NEED - to feel welcomed, important, considered, and respected.  Nothing less.


I've devoted  my entire career towards perfecting that need.  You've heard it said succinctly before: "the customer is King."  I'm in total agreement with that.  In healthcare it's obviously more complicated than assisting you to making a purchase of a sales item on the floor of a department store or a new car in a showroom.  It's called Superior Personal Service.


My staff has been personally picked by me for their extraordinary qualities of personal service to my patients, for their devotion to their career, and for their amazing skills in the dental field.  Some offices call them "superstars".  Some office call them "Ninjas".  I couldn't agree more!  But I will just call them my Dental Family.  We strive to earn your trust each and every day in a family setting where we work as a close team to ensure you receive superior personal service.


Thank you for choosing Dentremont Dental Services.  Thank you for electing to join our "family"!   On the following pages you can glean more about our amazing staff!



Dr. Dee

Dr. Frank Dentremont


Dr. Frank Dentremont, or just "Dr. Dee" to his patients, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years, the last seventeen years along the Alabama Gulf Coast, a place he has come to call "home".  Prior to joining his first office in Foley in 2003, he practiced his craft in Bangor, Maine.

Dr. Dee was born and raised in Maine.  His mother was a Valadictorian and a teacher, while his father was a WW2 vet who got his engineering degree from the GI Bill.  They lived in a small rural Maine town, yet had big dreams for their son.

Dr. Dee graduated as High School Salutatorian while lettering in 3 sports, and got a scholarship to Boston University upon graduation.  He did well enough to enroll 4 years later to the prestigious Tufts Dental School , also in Boston.

After graduation, he returned to Maine and worked there for 22 years, moving down to the beautiful Gulf Coast in 2003.  See more about his life on another page.

Kimberly Daniels, Office Manager


I "stole" Kim from a large dental office in Mobile, where she flawlessly managed the direction of the office. She was looking to ease her daily commute and her daily routine and to find an office on the Eastern Shore.  The two of us know a thing or two about dental offices and it was just a natural union of "old souls" wanting to take on the challenge of creating a new dental office and a caring environment for our patients.   Our professional chemistry will make your visit to Dentremont Dental effortless in regards to treating your dental needs and getting the most out of your dental benefits.

Cassie Taylor Baay,  Registered Dental Asst


Cassie grew up in Texas and joined us in the fall of 2019 after moving this way to be closer to her family . She has a world of experience who obtained her Registered Dental Assistant status in a large oral surgery office in Texas.  He has a vivacious personality and is settling nicely over  into her dental career with us.  We're happy and privileged to have her!   Her down to earth demeaner will put you at ease while we accomplish our goal to give you a healthier and more beautiful smile!

Gwendolyn Baldwin, Registered Hygienist


Gwen Baldwin has been in the dental field for over 17years, first as a certified dental assistant in the Dothan area, and in recent years as a dental hygienist licensed in the state of Alabama.  Gwen moved to our area in 2016 and loves her adopted community!


Gwen takes pride in her profession and genuinely cares about her patients' health, and has utilized her years of dental assistant experience to perfect her hygiene craft.  Dr. Dentremont  has plenty of confidence in her abilities with his patients, and is sure you'll love her gentle but thorough touch on your  gums and teeth!

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